Episode 2 – An Occurrence at B.E. Investments

LampLight Radio Play
LampLight Radio Play
Episode 2 - An Occurrence at B.E. Investments

Gunmen have entered the office building of B. E. Investments, and a woman fights to stay alive against impossible odds.

Inspired by “An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge” by Ambrose Bierce, published in the first issue of LampLight Magazine (which is free!)

  • Peyton – Candice Felts
  • Amber – Miriam Katz
  • Henry – Danny Grossman

News Anchors:

  • Tonya George
  • Allison Moffett
  • Garrett Thoen
  • Jan Haley Soule
  • Sarah Stavrou


  • Scott Bender
  • Diane Chernansky
  • John Drouillard
  • Erin Im
  • Cherron Jefferson
  • Chris Schermerhorn

911 Operator – A.J. D’Agostino

Emergency Workers:

  • Alex Emerson
  • Judith Annizone

Dad – Brian Lohmann

Special Thanks –
Joe McNeil of Marktree Productions

Additional Sound Mixing by Peter Diaz


Written and produced by Andrew Wardlaw


This episode is dedicated to the late Danny Grossman, whose talent, generosity, and enthusiasm inspired everyone who met him. He is greatly missed.