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LampLight Radio Play

A Radio Play of dark fiction.

Inspired by the radio of the past, but built for modern ears, LampLight Radio Plays are audio adaptations of stories from LampLight Magazine. Expect great performances, naturalistic sound design, and immersive stories to unsettle and entertain.

LampLight Radio Play Episodes

[Series Teaser] – Episode 0 – A Talk with the Falling Girl

Episode 1 – Drowned

Episode 2 – An Occurrence at B. E. Investments

Episode 3 – There Comes A Time

Episode 4 – Are You Sure What Side You’re On?

Episode 5 – The Mime

Episode 6 – Abide With Me

Episode 7 – Possessed by a Broken Window

Episode 8 – Small Town Immortals

Episode 9 – Apex Predator

Episode 10 – The Night Wire

Episode 11 – The Elevator Girl

Episode 12 – Church Fire and Redemption

 * * *

Andrew Wardlaw is documentary television editor, freelance radio producer, and father of three. He lives in Burbank, CA.

Jacob Haddon is the editor of LampLight magazine.