Kristi DeMeester is our featured writer. She brings her new story, “Abide with Me” and we talk to her about Georgia, “December Skin” and her upcoming short fiction collection.

Kevin Lucia talks Quiet Horror in the final installment of Horror 101.

Fiction from:

* Hilary B. Bisenieks
* Terence Hannum
* Sandra T.
* Brian Keene


Featuring A.C. Wise. She brings Crossing, a story about swimming, and finding more than quiet in the water. We talk about writing, Canada, and her Women To Read posts.

Kevin Lucia’s Horror 101, Faith-Full Horror, he talks about faith, horror, and how the two weave together.

Fiction from:

  • Amelia Fisher
  • Jessica Widner
  • Millie Ho
  • Marcus O’Shea

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Featuring Livia Llewellyn. She brings us her apocalyptic story, Horses. We talk to her about writing, acting, and books she’s looking forward to reading.

Kevin Lucia’s Horror 101, Quiet Fears in The Twilight Zone, he talks about the very influential television series, as well as a radio show, Quiet Please.

Fiction from:

  • Hal Bodner
  • Rebecca J. Allred
  • Ada Hoffman
  • Susan Jane Bigelow

PrintKindleSmashwordsKoboiBooks Nook Preview

v5i1-cover-frontFeaturing Are You Sure What Side You’re On? by Sunny Moraine. We talk to them about the Root Code books, short fiction and the writing process.

Kevin Lucia’s Horror 101, The Weird. What is Weird? How does it fit into horror or literature?

Fiction from:

  • Walter Dinjos
  • Amandeep Jutla
  • Ryan Lazarus
  • Nghi Vo
  • Konstantinos Kellis

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v4i4Featuring A Southern Evening, an all new novelette by Jonathan Janz!

We talk to him about being a dad, writing serials and flirting with other genres.

Kevin Lucia’s Horror 101, The Weird, The Cosmic Weird. What is it about the unknown that draws human kind in? What happens when secrets are revealed that the human mind cannot comprehend?

Fiction from:

  • Julia August
  • Kate Dollarhyde
  • Emily Vakos


v4i23-cover-front copyDouble Issue!

Our featured writer is Gene O’Neill. His story, The Algernon Effect. We talk to him about his writing, and Northern California.

We have fiction from:

  • Tim Deal
  • Gwendolyn Kiste
  • Subodhana Wijeyeratne
  • JS Breukelaar
  • Matt Mikalatos
  • Douglas F. Warrick
  • Leanne Karwatowski

Kevin Lucia returns for his Horror 101 series. Two installments this issue, The Ghost and The Ghostly and The Monster and the Monstrous

This double issue is 2 & 3 of Volume 4.

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Featured Writer is Tim Waggoner, who LampLight_6x9_Vol4Iss1_Print_Finalbrings an all new short story, Trespasser. We talk to him about writing and art.

Kevin Lucia returns to LampLight with the first of a four part series on the history of the genre, entitled ‘Horror 101.’ The first piece is The House and the Gothic, focusing on haunted houses and the bad place.

Fiction from P. D. Cacek, Christopher Shearer, Jamie Lackey, Charles Payseur

Guest edited by Paul Michael Anderson.

Sunny Moraine

Livia Llewellyn

Tim Waggoner

Gene O'Neill
Double Issue!

Jonathan Janz

The LampLight Radio Play

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Yvonne Navarro

Mercedes Yardley

Nate Southard

Victorya Chase

Norman Prentiss

Kealan Patrick Burke
Kealan Patrick Burke

Mary SanGiovanni
Mary SanGiovanni

Holly Newstein
Holly Newstein

cover for Issue 1 of LampLight
Robert Ford

LampLight Volume 1 Issue 2
Kelli Owen

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Ronald Malfi

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