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Double Issue!

Featuring 8 new dark stories and 2 chilling classics!

  • We Will Build a Haunted House – Andrew Van Wey
  • Through the Central Valley – A.M. Henry
  • Those Who Made Us – J.A.W. McCarthy
  • Siren Song – Jolie Mandelbaum
  • The Elevator Girl – Rebecca Turkewitz
  • Totenhaus – A. J. Bermudez
  • How to Build a Better Beau – Priya Sridhar
  • The Abbey – Emily Ruth Verona



Fiona Maeve Geist talks about Unica Zurn: Dark Fantasist and Shrouded Muse.

Fiction From:

  • Meghan Cruickshank
  • Katherine Givens
  • Crystal Sarakas
  • Yume Kitasei
  • Daniel Delgado


Fiction from:

  • Ariane Both
  • Richard Agemo
  • Charlotte Huggins
  • Samantha Rich
  • Heather Valentine

Fiona Maeve Geist discusses Noir as Social Critique, with Margaret Millar and Dorothy B Hughes.


Fiction from:

  • Natasha Pavlitsevits
  • Sarah McGill
  • Joanna Pearson
  • Die Booth
  • Tonya Walter


Fiona Maeve Geist discusses Queer Spectral Figures: Mary Butts and Madeline Yale Wynne.


Fiction from:

  • Shameika Moreland
  • T.M. Morgan
  • A. Martine
  • S.R. Mandel
  • M.C. Williams

Fiona Maeve Geist discusses the surrealists Leonora Carrington and Gisèle Prassinos.

And a classic tale from Harriet Prescott Spofford, The Mad Lady


Fiction from:

  • A.L. Kersel
  • Jamie Lackey
  • Margret A. Treiber
  • Cameron Suey
  • Robin van Eck

Fiona Maeve Geist discusses the translated works of Nelly Arcan and Yumiko Kurahashi

And a classic tale from Edith Nesbit, The Man-sized Marble!

Sunny Moraine

Livia Llewellyn

A.C. Wise

Kristi DeMeester

Tim Waggoner

Gene O'Neill
Double Issue!

Jonathan Janz

The LampLight Radio Play

LampLight_Vol3Iss1_Final 2
Yvonne Navarro

Mercedes Yardley

Nate Southard

Victorya Chase

Norman Prentiss

Kealan Patrick Burke
Kealan Patrick Burke

Mary SanGiovanni
Mary SanGiovanni

Holly Newstein
Holly Newstein

cover for Issue 1 of LampLight
Robert Ford

LampLight Volume 1 Issue 2
Kelli Owen

cover for V1I3 of Lamplight
Ronald Malfi

Elizabeth Massie