LampLight_Vol2Iss2_Final-2Our featured artist is Kealan Patrick Burke. He brings a brand new story called “Memory Lane.” Jonathan Crowley continues his adventures, with Part Two of James A Moore’s serial novella, The Devoted. J.F. Gonzalez brings us part 3 of his From the Stone Age to the Early Victorian Era, in 3000 Words, talking about Late Victorian ghost stories through the early pulps.

We have fiction from

  • Lauren A. Forry
  • Dave Thomas
  • Arinn Dembo
  • Bracken MacLeod

Featured Artist Kealan Patrick Burke

Bram Stoker Award winning writer Kealan Patrick Burke brings a new story to LampLight. He talks with us about his early writing, acting, and his experience writing a web based novel.

Serial Novella  James A Moore

The Devoted, Part Two: The Rabble. Crowley and his companion make their way to a small town and see what they can stir up.

Shadows in the Attic J.F. Gonzalez

From the Stone Age to the Early Victorian Era, in 3000 Words, Part Three. In this installment, J.F. Gonzalez takes you through the Victorian era into Edwardian, talking about ghosts and the first pulp magazines.

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