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Fiction from:

  • A.L. Kersel
  • Jamie Lackey
  • Margret A. Treiber
  • Cameron Suey
  • Robin van Eck

Fiona Maeve Geist discusses the translated works of Nelly Arcan and Yumiko Kurahashi

And a classic take from Edith Nesbit, the Man-sized Marble!


Gemma Files is our featured writer. We talk with her about ‘monster pride’ and what she’s working on next. Fiona Maeve Geist returns with an article on Hope Mirrlees and Margaret St Clair.

Fiction from:

  • Becca De La Rosa
  • Irene García Cabello
  • Pierce Skinner
  • Daniel Mallery

Sunny Moraine

Livia Llewellyn

A.C. Wise

Kristi DeMeester

Tim Waggoner

Gene O'Neill
Double Issue!

Jonathan Janz

The LampLight Radio Play

LampLight_Vol3Iss1_Final 2
Yvonne Navarro

Mercedes Yardley

Nate Southard

Victorya Chase

Norman Prentiss

Kealan Patrick Burke
Kealan Patrick Burke

Mary SanGiovanni
Mary SanGiovanni

Holly Newstein
Holly Newstein

cover for Issue 1 of LampLight
Robert Ford

LampLight Volume 1 Issue 2
Kelli Owen

cover for V1I3 of Lamplight
Ronald Malfi

Elizabeth Massie