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LampLight_Vol2Iss4_FinalJune 2014 Our featured artist is Holly Newstein. She brings us a story called “Shadows and Light.” We talk to her about her work and collaborations. James A Moore brings us the final installment of his Jonathan Crowley story, The Devoted. J.F. Gonzalez talks to us about horror in the ’30’s and 40’s. Featuring fiction by

  • Colleen Jurkiewicz
  • Curtis James McConnell
  • Victor Cypert
  • Catherine Grant

Featured Artist Holly Newstein

Holly Newstein brings us a new story, “Shadows and Light.” We talk with her about her work, her writing past and her collaborations.

Serial Novella, James A Moore

The Devoted, Part Four, The House of the Lord. The conclusion of this story brings Jonathan Crowley to the house of an old friend, and to the foot of a dark secret.

Shadows in the Attic, J. F. Gonzalez

Horror in the late 1930s and 1940s; British Thrillers, Weird Tales gets a new editor, Arkham House, and neglected horror writers of the war years.