September 2014LampLight_Vol3Iss1_Final 2

Our featured artist is Yvonne Navarro! She brings us a new tale, called “Drive-in Destiny.” Kelli Owen bring us the first part of her serial novella, “Wilted Lilies.” J.F. Gonzalez talks about the end of Weird Tales, the rise of comic books, Playboy and other ‘Slicks’ in this installment of Shadows in the Attic.

Featuring fiction from:

  • Gary Braunbeck
  • Sana Rafi
  • Nick Mamatas
  • Roh Morgon

Featured Artist, Yvonne Navarro

Drive-in Destiny. Two singles, looking for that special someone before the internet. We also talk with her about her writing, Buffy and what’s on the horizon.

Serial Novella, Kelli Owen

Nervous, a girl talks about the death of a young boy, one who, like her, could hear things–things she isn’t supposed to hear.

Shadows in the Attic, J.F. Gonzalez

The death of Weird Tales, the rise of digest-size science-fiction pulps, comics, Playboy and other slick paper magazines, Richard Matheson, and Charles Beaumont.