Episode 8 – Small Town Immortals

LampLight Radio Play
LampLight Radio Play
Episode 8 - Small Town Immortals

Everyone knows the story about Annalise’s father. Everyone knows Grace Magellan’s pond is rumored to be haunted. But almost no one alive knows the real truth.

Based on the story by Valerie Alexander, found in Volume 6, Issue 1

  • Annalise – Grace Bosley
  • Brian – Aaron Veach
  • Wyatt – Austin Heemstra
  • Grace Magellan – MarLee Candell
  • Lisa – Miriam Katz
  • Annalise’s Dad, Rodger – Dean Cameron
  • Brian’s Dad – Greg Ivan Smith
  • The Radio Caller – Jeffery Williams

And the radio host was a special cameo by Jack Ward, audio writer, producer, director and founder of the Sonic Society, Electric Vicuna Productions, and now the Mutual Audio Network.

Adapted and Produced by Andrew Wardlaw

Transcript: http://lamplightmagazine.com/transcript-small-town-immortals/