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Episode 1 – Drowned

LampLight Radio Play
LampLight Radio Play
Episode 1 - Drowned

Deyquan just wanted to pay his electric bill after a day of work and go home. But when a customer is found dead at the payment center, something more sinister than the heavy rain outside would stand in his way of leaving.

Based on the novella And I Watered It With Tears by Kevin Lucia serialized in Volume 1 of LampLight

  • Deyquan – Jamal Douglas
  • Andrew – Levi Petree
  • Kyle – Jamie Avera
  • Judy – Miriam Katz
  • Woman – Cherron Jefferson
  • Newscaster – Eric Drachman

Recorded by John Hays

Written and produced by Andrew Wardlaw



[Series Teaser] A Talk With the Falling Girl

LampLight Radio Play
LampLight Radio Play
[Series Teaser] A Talk With the Falling Girl

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A group of paranormal investigators tests a machine that they hope will summon a ghost.


  • Nicole Tompkins
  • Danny Grossman
  • Elisa Dyann
  • Jamie Avera

The production of this piece was the inspiration for the LampLight Radio Play. It is here as a teaser for what is to come.

Written and Produced by Andrew Wardlaw

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